Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Sitecore using custom SMTP for the Email Experience Manager

For the sending of email from the Email Experience Manager in Sitecore, the default option is to use the Sitecore Message Transfer Agent (MTA), which is a paid service available in the App Center. However it is possible to purchase the right to use a custom MTA, aka the UseLocalMTA setting. Development/Testing licenses are likely to already have this option enabled, it is the prod licenses that are likely to require a payment.

It is worth noting, that it's not recommended to use the SMTP details of the clients main domain (where there business email comes from), as there may be consequences in terms of spam and trust levels of the server. Therefore the Sitecore MTA or another custom email provider is recommended for the Email Experience Manager.

Using a custom SMTP server

  1. Open the Sitecore.EmailExperience.ContentManagement.config file which can be found in Website\App_Config\Include\EmailExperience
  2. Set the UseLocalMTA setting to true
  3. Set the SMTP settings to that of the SMTP server
    1. SMTP.Server - server URL or IP
    2. SMTP.Port - port (usually 25)
    3. SMTP.LoginDomain - login domain may be required if on internal network
    4. SMTP.UserName - username
    5. SMTP.Password - password
    6. SMTP.AuthMethod - authentication method (default of NONE should work)
There are also proxy settings available, if the server is on a network where proxies are required for security reasons.

As of Email Experience Manager 3.1

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