Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Sitecore Lucene facet phrases or sentences with spaces

I came across an interesting error with an implementation of Sitecore search using Lucene. I had a facet based on a phrase (page category) that contained spaces. When the facets came back on search code they were split up into individual words - "New" and "Zealand" instead of "New Zealand".

I spent a bit of time searching for a resolution for this one, however most results appeared to work with SOLR (where an untokenized field simply fixed the issue). Then I came across this post on the Sitecore blog.

The fix is to define your computed index field as untokenized (which I had already done), but then to also add that same field under the standard fieldMap > fieldNames element - with the LowerCaseKeywordAnalyzer.

That fix worked and my facets were coming back as single phrases. Of course if you are faceting and searching on the same field, you should probably have a separate version that does not use this fix (so that searching on the individual words works as expected).

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