Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Node.js npm integration with Visual Studio 2015

One of the greatest features of Node.js is the ability to install and manage packages using npm. As a CMS developer on the Microsoft stack, I am more accustomed to using Visual Studio for my development environment. Luckily for me there is an (open source) extension available for Visual Studio called Node.js Tools for Visual Studio. It's even released on the Microsoft Github account...
I am using this on Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition (update 2) and it works a treat. A full list of features is available on the wiki, but where I get the most value is from:
  • TypeScript project support


  • npm integration via: command line, Node.js interactive window, npm install GUI, solution explorer and output windows

  • ES6 Intellisense (preview)
  • Debugging support
  • Testing support
It's worth the install for the npm support alone!

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