Friday, July 8, 2016

Sitecore scheduled tasks not running as expected

On a Sitecore implementation some key scheduled tasks (set in the content editor rather than agents), would run around the expected time in most cases. However every so often there would be a major delay in their running (and as emails were sent it was noticeable what time it was kicked off).

After investigating the logs, I noticed that in the periods where the custom scheduled task was not being kicked off, a system task was running. The system task Rebuild Suggested Tests Index which relates to content testing (crawls the database and gives candidates for content testing - a/b testing). It was set to run once daily and due to content volume would take anywhere for 5 to 7 hours to run, of course not begin asynchronous it would hold up all other tasks.

The solution here was to set it to run weekly or to set it to be asynchronous.

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