Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Improving the speed of Sitecore's experience editor

One thing I noticed when speaking with Sitecore content users who have upgraded from earlier versions (such as 6.5) to version 8 and beyond is that the experience editor (or page editor) runs slow in the newer versions.

After opening up developer tools in Google Chrome and running analysis of the network tab, I was able to identify the three components of the experience editor which tool the most time to run.

Of these three items, the following two could be fixed to reduce loading times. In Sitecore implementations with a large amount of items and therefore large master database, these two components can be very slow to load.

  1. Optimization.SuggestedTests.Count: Gives suggestions on A/B multivariate tests which can be run on the page.
  2. ExperienceEditor.MyItems.Count: Shows the number of items currently locked by you, this functionality does not optimally return the count so may take some time to load.

The following Sitecore knowledge base articles provide details on these two items:
  1. How to disable Content Testing functionality
  2. Performance issue with the My items functionality
After applying both fixes, you will notice that Optimization.SuggestedTests.Count will no longer run at all and the performance of ExperienceEditor.MyItems.Count should be improved (this one will be noticed more by content editors who keep items locked).

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