Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Installing Sitecore performance counters

The performance monitor tool on windows is a great friend when it comes to troubleshooting a slow performing Sitecore website. In the past I have used performance monitor to troubleshoot IIS, however Sitecore expands upon the concept and provides a number of custom counters to monitor.

The counters can be installed via the following executable from Sitecore: Sitecore Counters. This package appears to be for Sitecore 8+. However if you made the mistake of installing the counters for Sitecore 6, the installation likely fails and corrupts performance monitor on your windows instance. Running the command "LODCTR /R" will fix up performance monitor by rebuilding it's settings.

Once the counters have been installed, the various counters can now be added/monitored in the performance monitor tool.

The important configuration settings in Sitecore related to this are available in Sitecore.config:

  • Counters.Enabled: Indicates if performance counters are enabled.
  • Counters.InstanceName: Instance name for performance counters.
  • Counters.ResetOnStartup: Indicates if performance counters will be reset on Sitecore startup.
Once installing and running these counters will enable you to better troubleshoot your Sitecore instances.

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