Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Sitecore Commerce Product not found. Catalog='x' Product='y'

After adding an inventory catalog to the product catalog, the following error was showing on a product page.
[System Error: Product not found. Catalog='MyProductCatalog' Product='MyProductId']
This was occurring because the product definition was expecting product variants, where my products did not have variants. Another symptom of this issue is that inventory information cannot be added to products using Sitecore's merchandising manager.

To fix this error, I fired up the Commerce Server Catalog and Inventory Schema Manager desktop application. Then opened up the product definition for editing:

Now by simply removing the Assigned Variant Properties selections, the product definition now matched what was expected. Inventory can also be added to the product using the merchandising manager.

Sitecore commerce merchandising manager, set product inventory
The error should now no longer appear on the front-end.

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