Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Fiddler capturing service calls in .NET

Debugging what the raw request/response given for a given service call in your .NET website can save a lot of hassle getting to the bottom of an issue. Take this example, where the service was expecting empty string but instead was getting null - fiddler capturing that .NET service call solved the issue.

By default any service calls coming from your .NET website will not be captured by fiddler, the following proxy item needs to be added to the web site for the calls to be picked up.
    <proxy  proxyaddress="" />      
Remember to comment this out when fiddler is not running, otherwise the service calls will fail. To ensure secure service calls are logged and can be viewed, the following settings need to be enabled and a certificate for fiddler added to the local machine.

Telerik fiddler, capture and decrypt HTTPS secure traffic

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