Thursday, November 2, 2017

Sitecore report showing visits with company/business name

One of the benefits to signing up to Sitecore's IP Geo-location service is that an IP lookup is done against each visitor in an attempt to discover their company/business name. Although this is not always accurate (in many cases will actually return the name of the ISP), site visitors from larger organisations will have their company name listed.

This information is not displayed (out-of-box) inside the Experience Analytics areas and will actually need to be enabled (and then viewed in a separate area). The reporting feature is included and working with Sitecore (as of 8.2) but a short-cut needs to be added to the desktop area of Sitecore.

Details for adding this shortcut to the desktop menu are available on this post from Nish Tech. It is very simple and does not require a deploy, nor will it require web site downtime.

Sitecore desktop menu with the newly added Engagement Analytics option
Once this menu item has been added, you can now load up the old experience analytics reporting interface. Under the Recent Activity node in the tree, will be the Latest Visits report. I recommend filtering to a desired time frame and then downloading the report to be massaged in Excel.

Sitecore experience analytics showing organization name

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