Thursday, December 14, 2017

Sitecore EXM error after upgrade

After upgrading a Sitecore instances version of the Email Experience Manager (EXM) to version 3.5, the following error appeared when attempting to load the site:
Could not find configuration node: "exm/eds/senderManager"

This can be solved by ensuring the Sitecore.EDS.Core.config (located in \Website\App_Config\Include\EmailExperience) configuration file is enabled.

However if the error is appearing on a content delivery instance, the configuration file above should not be enabled. You should check that only the following email campaign/email experience DLLs are present in the bin folder:
  1. Sitecore.EmailCampaign.Cd.dll
  2. Sitecore.EmailCampaign.Content.dll
  3. Sitecore.EmailCampaign.dll
  4. Sitecore.EmailCampaign.Model.dll
  5. Sitecore.ExM.Framework.dll
It's also worth checking that only the following configurations are enabled in the \Website\App_Config\Include\EmailExperience folder:
  1. Sitecore.EmailExperience.CommitSession.config
  2. Sitecore.EmailExperience.ContentDelivery.config
  3. Sitecore.EmailExperience.Core.config
  4. Sitecore.ExM.Framework.config
  5. Sitecore.ExM.Framework.ContentDelivery.config
Either of the above solutions should solve the error for you.

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