Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Sitecore 9 install - SOLR instance not found

When installing Sitecore 9 (update-1) locally the following error was occurring:
Install-SitecoreConfiguration : Could not complete request for https://localhost:8989/solr - Unable to connect to the remote server
Sitecore 9 SOLR instance not found during install
The SOLR instance was not able to be found. I had encountered this error before when installing Experience Commerce, however this was a certificate issue.

In this case, it was a port mismatch. The example install PowerShell script supplied in the installation guide made reference to:
$SolrUrl = "https://localhost:8989/solr"
Which looked correct at a quick glance, however the port I was using locally was 8983:
$SolrUrl = "https://localhost:8983/solr"
Making this change allowed the install to proceed.

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