Monday, February 26, 2018

Sitecore Experience Commerce - Storefront demo search results and cart redirect to localhost

After installing Sitecore Experience Commerce 9.0 along with the full Storefront demo, I noticed that some features such as the search results and view cart were redirecting to localhost.

In my case I had renamed the site (and therefor item paths) from Demo to Storefront. This seems to have affected some rendering parameters used as part of SXA partial layouts. In the case of the search bar issue, to resolve this, I did the following:

  1. Load up the experience editor for the home page.
  2. Select the Experience Accelerator ribbon item
  3. Click on Partial Designs and then Default Commerce Header
  4. Select the search bar, and then the action button to edit the style and behavior of this component (rendering parameters). 
  5. Here the Search Page Link parameter could be edited. in my case this was a broken link which was causing the search results to redirect to localhost.
After fixing it up and republishing, the search results displayed as expected. It's worth running a broken link report to ensure you pick up any other broken links such as this.

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