Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Sitecore Experience Commerce - Error: catalog name X is already in use

During testing of a Sitecore Experience Commerce minion which manipulated catalog and sellable item entities, the following error occurred when attempting to run the ICreateCatalogPipeline pipeline.
ERROR PipelineAbort:Catalog name MyCatalog is already in use.
In between minion runs I had been running the following DevOps calls in postman to ensure a fresh start:

  1.  {{OpsApiHost}}/{{OpsApi}}/CleanEnvironment() - Cleans the environment of all entities
  2. {{OpsApiHost}}/{{OpsApi}}/Bootstrap() - Bootstraps commerce, if this is not run you may not be able to add categories
  3. {{OpsApiHost}}/{{OpsApi}}/InitializeEnvironment(environment='MyEnvironment') - as above
However the error was still appearing, even though the catalog no longer existed. To solve this error one of the following will usually work:
  1. Restart IIS to clear any caches
  2. Run the cache clear using the devops postman call {{ServiceHost}}/{{OpsApi}}/ClearCacheStore()
Doing these, stopped the error and my catalog would successfully be created again.

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